Hugh Hewitt posted on his blog and reported on his show today about the loss of Air Force Major Dave Gray. Dave was a patriot and a Christian. I’m quoting Hugh’s blog post below. Please donate to his family.

Last week Brad Dayspring joined me on air to talk about his good friend Army Major Thomas Kennedy, who was killed in a Taliban suicide bomber attack on August 8, leaving a beautiful wife and darling 2-year old twins behind.  This audience along hundreds of other Americans responded with generosity to a fund to help benefit his family.

Now I have the details on Air Force Major Dave Gray, who was killed in the same attack.  Reading about this extraordinary warrior who left behind a beautiful wife and three children is of course an occasion for sorrow, but the words of tribute to him are inspiring. Major Gray was a devout Christian and a patriot, and a fund has been established to help his family which you can contribute to here.