Upon hearing that Tami and I started Tribble News, our good friend, Duane Patterson (@RadioBlogger), posted a series of tweets:

@tamij oh my stars, you people have taken one giant leap into absurdity, ma’am.

@tamij clearly the Phoenix heat has fried the reason part of @mwithem’s brain cells, ma’am.

@Scot0149 no kidding, sir. I take a week to play, and tribbles form their own media outlet? It’s as bad as skynet being self-aware.

When we talked about starting this site, one of the things we agreed upon was that we want to talk about more than politics. Tribbles love media. We are critics of books, film, and music. This is why the sci-fi nut inside me was rapturous upon being compared to Skynet. So I would like to invite my fellow Tribbles to consume all forms of media and let this be your outlet to share your views with the world. We love to hear your thoughts. It scares the heck out of Duane. Win-Win.

I will likely be making a lot of music recommendations and welcome the same from any of you. Just know that I will likely ridicule some of your music choices. My wife aptly calls me a music snob. So be prepared.