I have had the opportunity to meet both Congressman David Schweikart and Congressman Ben Quayle. In fact, it was the same evening that I had the pleasure to connect with Hugh Hewitt and began working with him on his side projects. I happen to believe that they are both good men and strong conservatives. If I lived in their district, it would be a big dilemma which I would choose to vote for.

On Twitter last week I saw a tweet from Ben Quayle that referred users to an article on a website called dishonestdave.com. Intrigued, I clicked. It turns out that the Quayle campaign has dedicated this entire website to the “dishonesty” of David Schweikart. Some of their allegations certainly warrant some investigation, however, I believe there is a bigger issue here. Why is a young Republican conservative dedicating resources to a smear campaign website against a more seasoned conservative? Does this help us? I believe that it hurts our chances in November should Schweikart retain the nomination.

Please, in no way interpret this as an endorsement of David Schweikart. It is not. However, you as a voter need to know that Quayle is doing this. It isn’t good for conservative solidarity and I think it hurts Congressman Quayle’s credibility.