As we look back on the Republican Convention, I want to highlight some important points that we all need to keep in mind as we go forward:

1) I am extremely proud of the fact that we had so many Blacks and Hispanics on stage giving speeches this year in defense of conservative principles. From Mia Love to Artur Davis to Susana Martinez to Condoleezza Rice to Ted Cruz, Republicans showed in a substantive way that this is not a party of “old White men.” They made the case against Obama and for conservatism in a way that Republicans in general have been unable to do a lot of the time. This is an odd observation for me to make, considering that we are not supposed to look at skin color when evaluating candidates. I am proud of the party for doing so and showing without pandering that we can reach out to minorities. This is the same feeling I had when Mitt Romney spoke to the NAACP in the same way he would address a room of White men, when he made apparent overtures to the Black community by hiring Tara Wall, and when he visited a charter school in Philadelphia. Even though I do not believe that we can win a majority of these constituencies, the fact that Republicans are now trying may begin to chip away slowly at the Democrats’ monopoly on them. Maybe Blacks & Hispanics will begin to see that the Democrats have done nothing for them and maybe Republicans can capitalize on this.

2) Liberals are humorless hypocrites. So Clint Eastwood does a hilarious riff on Obama, a la Bob Newhart, and the response from the Democrats and the media is “RAAAAACIST!” “Clint’s a doddering old fool!” “Clint is not funny!” And perhaps the most pathetic response, Obama tweets a pic of him sitting in the White House and with the caption, “This seat’s taken.” My response, “You can take the seat with you when you lose the election in a landslide. Keep your change, we want improvement.” So Ellen Barkin can wish death on every member of the GOP and illicit chuckles from the media, but Clint Eastwood talks to a chair, and the left has a collective stroke. Most Hollywood types are as Clint said, “to the left of Lenin” and they all love the current president. Their reaction to Clint was proof that they are the hateful, intolerant hacks they enjoy accusing conservatives of being. And America was on notice.

3) The “war on women” is dead in the eyes of anyone who is remotely paying attention. We had all kinds of women speaking, making our case, and swatting away any pretense that women only vote based on taxpayer funded birth control. We heard real substance from women who have real accomplishments. Conservative women put real feminism on display: strong, forceful, classy, and accomplishments on the merits as opposed to the victimhood diatribe we will hear from Sandra Fluke. We heard from women who understand that conservatism strengthens women and betters all of society.

4) Many of our speakers, from Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley, and the man of the hour, Mitt Romney, hit Obama where it hurt: his record. They put it out there for everyone to see what a colossal failure he is and there is nowhere for him to hide. Gov. Haley pointed out that the NLRB sued to stop job creation. Senator Rubio reminded everyone that Obama’s policies are those that people in other countries run away from, Rep. Ryan talked about how Obama is harming college students who can’t find a job, and Gov. Romney reminded everyone that Obama’s “recovery” is the worst since the 1930’s. Romney also laid out his plan for recovery and did it quite well.

Looking at the way conservatives came together last week, I am cautiously optimistic that a landslide of epic proportions is in the works. Great work, conservatives: ONWARD TO NOVEMBER 6th!!!!