I’ve been wanting to start this section of Tribble News for a while…and when my wife pointed this out from Yahoo! I decided to take the plunge and post this inaugural Joe Bidenism. We’ll be keeping close tabs on him from now through the November election!

Today, Joe was photographed cozy-ing up  to a female biker at a diner. The first thought that pops into my head is, “Is this for real??” But then I always think that when I hear of a Joe Biden gaffe. My absolute favorite part is the look on the face of the guy on the right. Here’s the story from Yahoo!

SEAMAN, Ohio – Vice President Joe Biden cozied up with a female biker during a stop today at Cruisers Diner.

The Associated Press snapped this photo of the vice president sitting behind a female biker while he talked with her and two other male bikers looked on.

According to the campaign, the bikers were part of a group called the “Shadowmen,” but there were no other details on who the female biker was or what sparked the conversation between her and the vice president, because the pool had been escorted out of the diner before the encounter.

A second AP photo showed Biden grabbing the female biker’s shoulders.

When Biden entered the diner, he approached three diners seated at a counter and asked if he they’d lend him one of their motorcycles, according to the pool report.

“Can I borrow one of your bikes? They don’t let me ride anymore,” Biden said.

“Probably not,” Jeff Cook, one of the diners, said.

The vice president responded laughing, “Probably not.”