Month: September 2012

Fred Thompson’s Tweet

  Fred Thompson is known for his witty tweets…follow him and you’ll be smiling daily!     Obama: “you can’t change Washington from the inside. You can only change it from the outside.” Don’t worry, Mr. President. We’re on it #tcot — Fred Thompson (@fredthompson) September 27, 2012...

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The Big Media Cover-up

  On Sept. 11, 2001 came the horror of America being attacked and 3000 Americans being murdered by Islamic terrorists.  The George W Bush presidency was changed forever as he knew he must become a war time president against radical Islam.  His focus from that day until the end of his presidency would be to keep America from being attacked again and to keep Americans safe from Islamic terrorists. That is why George W Bush’s first job every morning was to meet with his national security advisers and receive his Presidential Daily Briefing [that concerned intelligence threats to the...

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My top 5 reasons for voting out Obama in November

  As many of my followers and friends know, I have great respect for Hugh Hewitt. Hugh recently put together a list of 100 reasons to vote against Obama/for Romney on Election Day. He spent all three hours of his radio show going over the list on Monday. This gave me an idea to do a list of my own, a much shorter list of 5 reasons to NOT vote for Obama. Here’s the list with a brief explanation for each: 1. The economy that Obama promised to fix has actually worsened dramatically and it shows no signs of improving...

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