The much anticipated first presidential debate presented a pleasant surprise for Romney followers and a bitter disappointment for the Obama camp. Scores of Obama idealists rushed to berate their own creature, an ambitious politician coveting the highest political office in the land, without the minimum of qualifications.

No presidential candidate had been vetted less than Obama leading to his nomination in 2008. His promoters in the media, who now critique Romney for not providing “details” about his plan for the next presidential term, were happy with the emptiest of slogans then. And ,of course, the speeches of the most gifted orator of modern times received accolades galore. As far as substance was concerned, Obama offered far less details running for office than any of his competitors, yet the MSM was satisfied with his looks and not being Bush, whom they hated.

The debate on October 2nd changed everything. Obama’s adulators now suddenly discovered scores of problems with their appointed hero. All that was missing from their “investigation” of the then presidential candidate is now becoming painfully apparent. Obama is no gifted orator, in fact, which has been plain from the beginning: without a prepared text, read from a teleprompter, he is just ,at best, ordinary. If he is not in the mood, or the subject matter is not to his liking, he is embarrassingly sloppy and dragging on his delivery.

The supporting media was either stunned, or at least “expressed puzzlement ” (e.g. Dana Millbank, WP) after this last debate. How could Obama do so poorly?

Chris Matthews gives a blistering review of Obama’s debate performance

Neither his delivery nor his substance met the approval of his royal followers. He was not prepared and he was aloof, detached, uncomfortable, angry, distracted, peevish. Scores of explanations followed the next day which must have been a day of hand wringing and anguish for the MSM. Obama just hadn’t practiced enough, held too few confrontational discussions, avoided hard questions and situations, preferring the soft media like The View. On and on ad nauseam.

Yet, the explanation for his “performance” has been there all along since his meteoric rise in the last few years.

The man has been created, molded, desired by the Utopian left and its subservient media. He had just so fitted the image, but not the substance, of a gifted, compassionate, youngish, good and clean-cut man with an obvious mission in life to bring healing and cure for a guilty nation. Guilty of past injustices, of painful wars, of real and imagined disadvantages of minorities, of international slights; all that can be surely righted by the right man, at the right time.

Thus, Obama was identified and he happily accepted, in fact actively sought, the role of Healer of Nation. Never mind that no president before him had fewer qualifications, or an emptier resume than Barack Obama.

Now the reckoning, in just one night, for the willfully blind and guiltily sloppy MSM.