Month: October 2012


  Please watch and share: America’s future as an exceptional nation depends on a change of course November 6!   Let’s do it for The Gipper!   “I spent most of my life as a Democrat, I recently have seen fit to follow another course” Ronald...

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Snide Effects

  By Tarzana Joe    ✧✧✧✧ All the men who’ve medaled Or celebrities who’ve danced Seems to me that every one’s Augmented or enhanced Artists that we idolized And athletes that we trusted Every single one of them Eventually gets busted Runners who had stumbled And who barely could complete Suddenly are posting times Alongside the elite Pitchers who had lost it All at once regain their form What was once anathema Has now become the norm Many who’ve observed this trend Have spent their time lamenting I, like Huey Lewis think That we should be inventing Grants should be...

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Romney, By a Landslide

  We keep hearing that the election is a horse race, that it’s close, and that we will see a repeat of the 2000 Election, where the Supreme Court had to slap down Al Gore and his fraudulent attempts to steal a close election. But I, along with others, Hugh Hewitt for one, believe that we are on the precipice of a landslide election. The polls have been trending toward Romney ever since the first debate. There are many states that Obama won handily in 2008 that are now in play or almost in play. Pennsylvania: In 2008, Obama...

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