Even though there are people who do not want to see it, the current President -Elect ran his entire campaign on fear. For that matter, most of the democrat party did the same thing.


There are many types of fear.  One of which is union fear.


Louisiana teachers protesting

We saw this in what happened in Wisconsin with Scott Walker and we are currently seeing this here in Louisiana with Governor Bobby Jindal and his school choice voucher initiative.

Before we saw the voucher initiative passed, we saw they usual people and groups line up against it.  That is to say the teachers, and the lobbyists who represent the teachers.

They trotted out the same old tired excuses on why they were opposed to the bill.

What the do not understand is this, everywhere where school choice has been tried it has been a success.  Even in Washington DC it was a success but the current President-Elect took the program away because he wanted to sure up the union vote.

Lindsey M. Burke researches and writes on federal and state education issues as the Will Skillman fellow in education policy at The Heritage Foundation

Now that the Louisiana law is passed, they are complaining that they did not have enough time to speak against bill in the legislature and also they are complaining about a so-called number of quick votes which were taken so the law can be passed.

According to Lindsey Burke, who writes for the Heritage Foundation’s The Foundry, in an article dated July 27, 2012, the teachers have lost a couple of cases in court.  One, they tried to have an injunction placed against the law; this was blocked by the district judge, and then their appeal was thrown out by an appeals court in Louisiana.  Also, according to this article, they have resorted to bullying with “union intimidation”. They are now trying to sue individual schools to get said schools, who have decided to apply for the vouchers, to not apply.

This is just another example of the thuggish tactics of public sectors union.

Will this law win out in the end?

We shall see.