By Tarzana Joe



Somehow fate released a whirlwind

And much damage has been done

The work we face is daunting

And it might not be much fun


Oh, who could have imagined

That such harm could be inflicted

Well and far beyond the limits

Of what anyone predicted


For no despot, king, or caliph

Or bicameral legislature

Ever had much chance opposing

Such a stunning force of nature


We’ve assessed the situation

And it certainly appears

Even though the worst is over

We’ll be cleaning up for years


Those who forecast are astonished

And consider it a shock

That a country could be ravaged

By one Hurricane Barack


But the people are resilient

And the population’s wise

And it seems that certain setbacks

Can be blessings in disguise


For it’s not the man’s intention

But direction I’m condemning

Friend, your slogan shouldn’t be “Forward”

When your leader is a lemming


Now, disaster is behind us

All the noise and all the thunder

For next Tuesday is the day that

We start digging out from under



Tarzana Joe, the poet laureate of the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show, can be heard on air in the 3rd hour of the broadcast on most Fridays. His wonderful poetry can be found at

Reprint with permission by Tarzana Joe, who can be contacted to pen the perfect poem for any occasion at …see the linked form.