By Tarzana Joe



Election Day is over
And the populace has spoken
Prompting the conclusion
That our politics is broken

But sitting in my stupor
Of despairing and confusion
It’s best to take a moment
To examine that conclusion

My fevered mind is racing
I’m reflecting to distraction
I wish that I could emulate
My teen-aged son’s reaction

He saw the final numbers
Said a prayer, then swore
And turning on his x-Box
Started playing Halo 4

Oh, to be a youth again
To deal with life so breezily
I, like most of you, I fear
Just can’t let go that easily

I watched Ohio ballots
With my jaw and eyes both gaping
But vowed I wouldn’t submit to you
A poem of sour graping

I’d work to find the reason
And the logic in the choice
Then somehow find the words to give
My-pothesis a voice

They say as one gets older
Growing cranky, grey, and sickly
Hours seem like minutes
And that time goes by more quickly

Perhaps due to the presence
Of some cosmic time-distorter
To young and old alike a year
Is seen as so much shorter

And though I may perceive the vote
No different than a crime
The people have decided
To give the man more time

In all the naval gazing
Or obsessing on a pimple
Despite profound opinions
It just may be that simple

Now I’m feeling better, yes
My outlook is improving
Based upon my prospects
Back in Texas where I’m moving



Tarzana Joe, the poet laureate of the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show, can be heard on air in the 3rd hour of the broadcast on most Fridays. His wonderful poetry can be found at

Reprint with permission by Tarzana Joe, who can be contacted to pen the perfect poem for any occasion at …see the linked form.