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America works!

Too many of us are told that some “ism” disproves all this nation represents. This leads to millions of resentful folks who can be marched to a socialist tune in a heart beat.

Socialists LOVE discontent.

Walter Bernard Hall at Savannah State University

It’s where they plant their seeds against traditional values and the free market. Notice they NEVER show up as much when times are good?

My grandfather encountered the Depression Era variety as a student at a historically Black college. They used Jim Crow as a recruitment attempt and plied young Black scholars with integrated parties and subversion. He didn’t bite the poison apple then and neither did I a generation later. Socialists view American Blacks as a potential fifth column awaiting activation.

Saying America works is made infinitely harder in the deep shadow of this Great Recession. Long term unemployment, foreclosure, and rising asset loss beats millions into submission. The specter of Obamacare detonates “lay off bombs ” nation-wide as Christmas and 2013 beckon.

Heads of households are terminated or face cut backs in their work hours, because socialists in DC imposed government health insurance regardless of whether employers could afford it.

I’ve found the key to making America work is working on keeping heart and mind open to God and like minded patriots hanging in there.

“Lord, please help me help America!”

is a silent prayer said when extra inspiration is needed. Faith and love of country allow one to stay upbeat even when conventional standards say things are almost hopeless. Our imperfect but effective electoral process allows voice to anxieties that elsewhere would result in bloody civil wars.

The “isms” our leftist friends decry face this same imperfect system, which can actually correct itself. It can slowly bow to public pressure if we do our part by organizing and voting for passionately desired reform. This isn’t a feel-good piece by any stretch of the imagination. I know how much homelessness, hunger, and brutal hopelessness exists, because it surrounds me.

At any moment it can BE me!


Critical Intervention Services Outreach

I also see Americans pooling scant resources to better weather this terrible time. Long before government offices open and after closing time, caring citizens offer assistance. We’re pulling together more, and that’s what makes America work, mutual aid by people who care- not entitlements taking money from one to give to others.

Giving from the heart is the BEST social program and is one we should expand.
All we have is God, each other and whatever sense can be beaten into an administration determined to extort Americans at precisely the time we can ill afford it. Like the rest of you, I’m one foot in an economic grave and the other poised on a financial banana peel. My job is to put this realization into action: America works- just not perfectly.

It’s up to patriots working together to perfect America regardless of what special interests and open enemies want!


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