Tax hikes?/When budget is uncorrected//Jobs gone/Homes unprotected/”Republicans” voting this//Shouldnt be/Reelected #tcot Freedom Verse via Twitter from Cap Black, The Hood Conservative

“Read my lips, no-new-taxes” famously said George H W Bush, one of my favorite presidents. He raised them and it’s argued cost himself conservative votes during his unsuccessful reelection bid.
Tax hikes are a Republican no-no. At least theoretically.

Conservative icon Ronald Reagan is accused of signing the biggest tax increase in American history: $85.3 billion! This 1982 move isn’t usually associated with his great legacy.

Raising taxes usually means job producers horde assets; hide them overseas and fire employees- alot of them! Some businesses simply close their doors; bid workers farewell and morph into new enterprises.

Congressional Republicans anxious to look good after the Obama reelection victory seem poised to ignore dire consequences and raise taxes to benefit themselves- not Americans without big legislative salaries and astronomical perks.

Caught in the crossfire are a ( barely ) working class and ( almost out of ) business owners crushed in a vice grip squeezing economic lifesblood out with no regard for their survival.
Big name Republicans on Capitol Hill are talking compromise with Obama, from Speaker of the House Boehner on down.

Brent Bozell, Media Research Center founder and premiere organizer of conservative fund raisers, has threatened to have donors stop funding congressmen who support this tax increase and the GOP itself.

Very ominous.

I’m interested to see how this fiscal cliff hanger turns out.

Will GOP Republicans push conservatives and the country off the fiscal cliff to save themselves when the 2014 mid term elections roll around?

Stay tuned broke fans- same broke time; same broke channel.

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative & One Man Tea Party. warns:

” Wear a parachute cuz I think the GOP on Capitol Hill will push us off the fiscal cliff to save their careers!”

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