(Thanks to Jon Purnell for this article.)


If you got a Nexus 7 tablet for Christmas, you might have been disappointed, as I was, to learn that the supplied Chrome browser cannot be used to view Flash video clips that are posted on many web sites. Even worse, you cannot access Hughnivision or the Ustream chat room using Chrome on the Nexus. Dang! To get around this surprising limitation, I first tried to install an Android version of Adobe’s Flash Player. Unfortunately, Adobe no longer supports Flash for Android devices, and the back-alley version of Flash I found via the CNET site didn’t work either. I decided I needed to find a better browser.

At the Google Play App Store, I found the Puffin Web Browser. This browser does support Flash, and I have since used it to watch the Aftershow and the Ustream chat room in the Hughniverse. Puffin costs $2.99, but you can install a trial version whose Flash supported features will run for 14 days. The browser will continue to function after the 14 day trial period, but without the Flash supported features. If Flash functionality is important to you, simply buy the browser. Click here to go to the Google Play “Communication Apps” category, where you will find the Puffin Browser.