Part of restoring our society and our Republic will have to come through a conservative takeover in the culture.

We will have to engage the culture and leave our imprint. It’s not enough to complain about the rot that we see around us; we have to be willing to take it on, make our case, and especially with young people, engage in the conversation.

That brings me to Counter Cultured. It describes itself as “a blog about social, political and cultural issues from the perspectives of young conservatives.” This is conservatism taking its place in American culture. And the latest feature on their site comes from one of their contributors, Anna Maria Hoffman (follow her @AM_Hoffman), whose VLog “Self-Worth and the Hookup Culture” lays waste to the idea of “hooking” up and how it affects women who engage in the practice.

Anna Maria and the contributors at Counter Cultured understand what Andrew Breitbart always said “Politics is downstream from culture.”

Watch here: