(photo Jan Martin Will)

The Left seems hell-bent on clinging to their dying narrative of global warming.

In spite of the emails from East Anglia with scientists admitting that they doctored evidence, the Left will not give up this narrative. There has now been an admission that there hasn’t been any warming in the last 20 years. All of this, combined with what we know to be the pending disaster of whatever legislation they pass in the name of fixing global warming, doesn’t bode well for the “true believers.”

Global warming appears to be on the way out, with polling showing that the number of people who care in free fall.

And another thing, no matter how many times you say, “The science is settled,” global warming is still a hoax. You don’t get to run around and tout a global hoax as “settled science” when the proponents are on record via email as having doctored the science and destroyed data that contradicts their claims.

You don’t get to sit around in 41º weather in April, telling yourselves on national television that you’re stunned that 37% of Americans believe global warming is a hoax after you’ve destroyed evidence to the contrary. And more evidence of the incredible stupidity of the Left, Al Roker thinks that saying “Super Storm Sandy” debunks his critics.


But then again, I’m not expecting any enlightened thinking from a man who brags that he crapped his pants when in the White House.

The most telling thing about the exchange, which was on NBC’s Today Show, is the dismissive tone of the conversation. Roker shakes his head as if to say “who are these Neanderthals who don’t succumb to our hoax!” Watch that exchange below:


Also of note in this debate is how the Left tries to shut down debate by saying, “there’s a consensus” as if consensus makes something an undisputable fact. First of all, consensus isn’t science. Consensus means that people came to any agreement by taking a vote, which means politics.

There isn’t a shred of science involved in consensus. Also of note, there has been consensus over the years on lots of issues that have turned out to be bogus. A few examples: global cooling, the Earth being flat, vaccines will kill you, and the Earth is the center of the universe, and DDT is bad. One note of commonality among all these things, they were all advanced by Leftists and subsequently debunked when the light of truth was shone upon them.