First, the federal government, as defined by our Constitution, has relatively few enumerated powers and responsibilities. The most important of these is to control our intrastate and international borders.

The Feds should secure the border – yes, even if this takes a fence (which it does). 

The government should secure all points and ports of entry. It should verify citizenship for employment. It should deport illegal aliens. It should support state governments in their enforcement of immigration law. To do any less is a dereliction of duty for which “politics” is no excuse.

And frankly, this all should have been done after 9/11/01.

Second, the federal government has a responsibility to abide by the Fourteenth Amendment.

Which means, the children of illegal aliens are not American citizens when neither of their parents are American citizens. They are not “subject to the jurisdiction” of the United States because their parents have a foreign allegiance.

A baby is not a citizen just because her mother touched her down across the border when she was born, like a football. That would be ridiculous, but it has led to the ridiculous conundrum we face today – the false choice between amnesty and split families.

Families should not be split by deportation – they should be deported intact – parents and children together. I’m sure this is not the politically correct conclusion, but it is the right one.

It has been written, “The sins of the fathers will be visited on the sons”. Practically speaking, children often bear the consequences of their parents’ misbehavior.

But if it’s so horrible to return illegal aliens, children and all, to their native countries, then what of the poor still waiting there for green cards?

How wonderful for the illegals were allowed to stay here as long as they were. Who says there’s something wrong with living in Mexico, or in any other country in this day and age of cultural relativism? I dare you.

Realistically though, after the shock of the unspeakable wears off, one comes to realize that deportation is not a bad outcome. It’s the only way to regain control over who will become a United States citizen. It’s the only way to restore the credibility of legal immigration.

Finally, the federal government must create a legal-immigration system that works.


I don’t think this requires any new legislation – it’s already the law. This just takes the realization that it must be done, and the political will to do it. It defies comprehension that it’s not been done already. How is it that you can indict a ham sandwich, but our government can get away with such lawlessness?

Whatever the cost or benefit of granting amnesty to illegal aliens, in the end, the important thing is that the federal government fulfills its responsibilities under the Constitution – to control our borders and enforce constitutional law.

It’s the only right thing to do, the only fair thing to do, the best thing to do, and the only thing that will really work in the long run.

It’s probably too much to ask for, that leadership do what’s best in the long run. But real leaders would stand up and explain this stuff to the People. They wouldn’t be Democrat Lite.

We need to do what’s right. Anything else is a perversion of justice. And believe me, the consequences of that sin would be visited upon us all, forever.