This is the $1 million question that all Americans should be asking right now.

Shortly after the events of the Benghazi consulate attack in 2012, the American people were told by the Obama Administration that there “simply was not enough intel to be able to prepare for what happened.” This in spite of the fact that multiple intelligence agencies had warned that an attack was imminent and advised Obama to order more resources to protect the consulate.

Backup was never provided to the Benghazi consulate. Several personnel were either injured or killed during a terrorist led raid, including U. S. Ambassador John Stevens, IM Officer Sean Smith, and former SEALS Ty Woods and Glen Doherty, all killed in the line of duty despite the fact that it could have been prevented.

Americans who questioned the events at the consulate attack were automatically labeled “right wing conspiracy theorists” and were told to shut up by the government and the mainstream media.

Now fast forward to this week.

Obama authorized an operation to exchange five deadly terrorists from Guantánamo Bay in exchange for one soldier who may have deserted his unit during combat. The soldier also appears to be a radical Islamist sympathizer, according to recently released intelligence reports and troops that he served with.

It should also be noted that Obama once again bypassed congressional approval and decided to pursue his own course of action. This time he failed to notify Congress 30 days prior to authorizing this operation which is in fact US law.

Recap: Obama says that there isn’t enough intelligence to take actions against a confirmed terrorist plot on US diplomatic soil, and yet he decided it was in America’s best interest to to bypass congressional procedures and break the law in order to save a potential traitor and enemy of The United States of America.

How do any of Obama’s actions make one scintilla of sense? Only in light of a conclusion both dangerous and un-American.