In spite of the fact that Hamas is dedicated to the destruction of Israel, the Obama administration likes to pretend that Hamas is indeed part of a legitimate Palestinian government, a “humanitarian organization,” as Nancy Pelosi put it.

The Obama administration is “shocked … SHOCKED!” when Hamas won’t just play well with its Jewish neighbors, and recoils in horror when civilians end up getting killed as a result.

In the U.S., we call this felony murder.

That’s when something you do (e.g. like when Hamas builds a command center under a hospital) ends up getting someone killed (e.g. like when Israel has to bomb said command center).

I’m sure that living in this continual state of shock is distressing to the Obama administration.  So even though I have called for, basically, the eradication of Hamas, I do have one other suggestion.

Now, I realize that Hamas is unlikely to adopt any suggestion I might have, even if Barack Obama himself was to ask it very nicely. Their war against Israel is a conflict of Biblical proportions, and they probably won’t want to interrupt it.

Nevertheless, just in case, helpful person that I try to be, here is my suggestion:


Gandhi’s reliance on non-violent civil disobedience was instrumental in getting the British to accept Indian Home Rule.  He got it without firing a shot.

Of course, Palestinians don’t need to get Israel out of Gaza – Israel’s already gone, so they don’t need to bother with civil disobedience. As for loving non-violence, however, there’s work to be done.

Hamas should take a page from Gandhi. Imagine if Islam completely renounced violence, and turned to Ahimsa, Gandhi’s word for avowed love for non-violence.

Imagine if Palestinians were to use their humanitarian aid to build homes and gardens instead of attack tunnels. There would be instant peace and civility in Gaza. Israelis would come over there and help them build their new country.

I know, Gandhi’s Hindu. But Muslims should not dismiss Gandhi out of hand. Gandhi did not dismiss Muslims out of hand. In fact, Gandhi was martyred for his tolerance of Muslims, literally – assassinated for it by another Hindu.

But, Hamas does not want to COEXIST with Israel, if I may borrow the word.

So Gandhi is going to be forsaken …

  • as long as violence seems to be working
  • as long as the U.N. continues to be supportive of Hamas
  • as long as the U.S. stays in Hamas’s corner
  • as long as apologists in media the world over propagandize for Hamas.

Maybe if all the people who preach to the American choir about coexistence, love and non-violence would go to Gaza and preach the same to Hamas then we’d get somewhere.

Maybe if all the politicians who act as apologists for Hamas would instead insist on civil behavior from it then we’d get somewhere.

All they should be saying to Hamas, is Give Peace A Chance.

Are they ashamed to preach love and non-violence in Gaza? Are they afraid to preach at all?

Maybe it’s because there was another guy who preached love and non-violence, who also gave his life so that others may live, someone they don’t want to talk about in the presence of Muslims.

But Hamas’s Islam could take a page from Him too – they could call it The New Islamic Testament.

Then, there’d be Peace. As Jesus said, John 15:12 –

This is my commandment;
that ye love one another, as I have loved you.