Author: C Black

Happy Day! Tax Returns!

  Mitt Romney released his 2011 tax returns this week. I have never been more excided. I can count about 2,768 more things out there more interesting than his tax return. But people are interested in it, so let it be news. I had a conversation with someone the other day via the comment section on FaceBook. A mutual friend posted a new meme about Romney’s 47% speech/gaffe/who/cares. The picture was one of Romney (at his most unflattering) and it stated: “Complains about the 47% not paying income taxes. Makes $20 million a year and doesn’t pay income taxes.”...

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Dear Mr. President

  I listened to your speech last night.  I’ll admit before anything else, that I didn’t watch all of it.  I saw the final 20 minutes.  I’m sorry about that; I just really needed to make a Costco trip. Of the section I did hear, I wanted to mention a part that I really liked and, I will admit, even caused me to get goose bumps. When you spoke about families finally having the privilege to say to their loved ones serving in our military “Welcome home”, I agreed wholeheartedly.  That, Mr. President, is a mission we can all agree...

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Lead On, General Eastwood

  As an aspiring film director, I have long dreamed of the day when I will finally “make it” in Hollywood. I have already written my acceptance speech for my first Oscar award. Call me naïve if you wish, maybe a dreamer, or a silly child. I understand your point of view. Of course, I won’t be able to put your name into the credits. I want to tell stories through film. I want to tell interesting, compelling stories that touch people’s lives. I don’t want to limit myself by promoting any specific agenda or social world view. I...

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Paul Ryan’s Hail Mary

In football, it is all about the big play. A game that normally takes 3 hours is condensed into a 3 minute highlight reel by the sports channels. They do this by simply replaying the big plays. As a quarterback, there are traditionally 3 types of passes you can throw. The short pass, which is 10 yards or less. These plays are high percentage completions and not very exciting to watch. But they get the job done. Almost never replayed. There is the intermediate throw which is usually between 10 and 20 yards. These are slightly riskier and more interesting,...

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The New Civil Rights Movement?

The Civil Rights movement had a very specific purpose: To bring about radical social change. African Americans wanted to be treated equally. They wanted to drink from the same water fountains, eat in the same restaurants, work at the same jobs, and ride the same buses. They didn’t want to be second class citizens any longer. They wanted to be treated like equal human beings. That desire was justified. They didn’t want special rules for themselves any longer. They wanted all the rules to apply to everyone, regardless of pigmentation, social status, religion, and yes, even sexual orientation. And...

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