Author: SpencerFinch

Future of the Republican Party

  Since the November election, analysts have discussed the fate of the Republican party, and the overwhelming consensus stands that the republican message is “outdated” and “unappealing.”   But if this is their analysis, I do not think they fully understand the republican message to begin with. The prime issue of the election seemed to be about the economy, but the majority of Americans favored Romney to handle the economy. Why did republicans loose in 2012 then? It is definitely not because people favored Obama’s economic policies. When talking about the democrat’s strategy to handle the economy and the...

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Party for the Poor

  Republicans are often accused of not caring for the poor, but is this really the case? Democrats often endorse government funded social programs. However, Democrats traditionally donate drastically less than their Republican counterparts.   For example, Mitt Romney donated more than 16% of his income to charity. In contrast, Obama traditionally has donated a mere 1% of his income, but he increased his donations to around 5% ┬ábefore his run for president. Yet, Obama’s donations make him look like a Saint in comparison to Joe Biden. Biden reportedly donated a measly $369 of his income to charity. Still...

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Grading the President

  President Obama told reporters his job as President deserves an incomplete. Obama said this while asking for the American people to let him finish his job. However, the job of president is not a class you can just fail and retake. Obama has said previously he deserves a B+, or an A- if he passed a healthcare law. To fairly grade the President, compare his “syllabus” of promises to what he actually accomplished. One of Obama’s key promises was a healthcare bill. This was one of the few things the president actually got done, but it somehow did...

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