“The Middle East conflict…in fact, probably the easiest conflict in the world to describe”


In this mere 5+ minute video, Dennis Prager succinctly instructs why there is no peace in the Middle East, and reiterates the motto of Hamas:


“We love death

as much as the Jews

love life”




Dennis teaches about “the 3 famous no’s”, how over the years Israel has given back territory for peace, and how this little Jewish state the size of El Salvador has miraculously managed to survive since 1948. This is a must watch video for every American, every student, to gain a grasp of the Middle East history.

Dennis condenses his many years of study and expertise into this crucial lesson. Watch at least once, and share. America’s relationship with our long-time ally, this tiny, democratic state of Israel is being spurned by the current administration. We must arm ourselves with thorough knowledge!