Our good friends in the drive-by media are hysterically denouncing Governor Romney because he had the temerity to call out President Obama for apologizing to the Islamists after they killed our Ambassador on the anniversary of 9/11. Muslims are rioting, protesting, and killing our people on our soil at the American consulate in Benghazi. In response, our so-called president apologizes to the Muslims. Then, when Governor Romney denounces Obama for his apology, the media tries to make the story about Romney instead of the fundamentalist Muslims.

Every leftwing hack in America is whining because their Golden Boy is imploding on the international stage. They are all denouncing Romney for his response, and the troubling thing is, their frothing-at-the-mouth pronouncements about Romney are louder than any denouncements they half-heartedly give the Islamists. What we have seen of Obama’s Middle East policy is beyond disgraceful. He has engaged in a taxpayer-funded apology tour, bowing and kissing the rings of despots and dictators along the way. Like it or not, Barack Obama gave us the “Arab Spring” and the resulting implosion from this “democracy movement.”

The events of this week show another disturbing aspect of the Obama presidency: he never hesitates to side against the United States. Whether it’s the Arab Spring, rolling over to the Russians on missile defense, or his apology tour, Obama has shown a disturbing willingness to denigrate America and reduce our stature and standing. We have a president who sympathizes with third-world radicals who disdain Western Civilization.

Obama is the son of an anti-colonialist, and all of his influences in life are people who have a contempt for the West. From the anti-colonialists to the communists, Obama’s influences have taught him that America is always the problem. This explains Obama’s exuberance at the thought of apologizing for America. It also explains Obama’s penchant for letting other countries walk all over us; in his mind, the United States is the world’s one-percent and everything we have as a nation is illegitimate. He is getting revenge on America on behalf of the rest of the non-western world, mistakenly assuming this ennobles him.

Unfortunately, Obama believes he can build himself up in the eyes of the world by undercutting the country that made him president. Barack Obama and the Islamists share a common goal: defeat of Western Civilization. Of course the Islamists want said Civilization completely annihilated; Obama merely wants to cut us down to size. What Obama and other leftists never seem to comprehend is that by getting into bed with America’s enemies, they are complicit in our demise. They think they will be immune from the consequences of their actions. If Obama and the leftists succeed, America as we’ve always known it will be gone. The left will think they’ve won, until they finally realize that they will be subjugated by those they thought were their allies. As were the people who voted for Obama.