For cohesiveness, I’ll repeat Michael’s introduction. “On Monday, September 24th, Hugh Hewitt dedicated his entire show to his 100 reasons to vote against President Obama and for Mitt Romney on election day. The audio can be found here, but Michael and I wanted to transcribe them for you for easy reference. These are not verbatim what Hugh said, but a summary. Share with your friends, family, and democrats alike! As Hugh stated, these are in no particular order.”


  1. Obama won’t speak the truth about the Ft. Hood Massacre.
  2. Obama’s elitism in things as small as pronunciation. Example: “PAHK-ee-STAHN
  3. Obama’s pretended touch about sports, yet cannot name a single White Sox player (supposedly his favorite team)nor White Sox stadium (Comiskey Park , the new stadium was built across the street in 2003 and renamed U.S. Cellular Field).
  4. Obama’s paralysis. Example: in the aftermath of the Gulf Oil Spill, he BHO wasabsolutely paralyzed and didn’t know what to do…so he did nothing.
  5. Obama’s overreaction. Example: his shutdown of drilling off the Gulf coast, hisrefusal to issue permits even after his permatorium was ruled unconstitutional. Tens of thousands of jobs were lost.
  6. Obama embarrassed the US in England when he gave the Queen an iPod loadedwith his speeches.
  7. Obama’s Cairo speech. He was going to “reset” relations with the Muslim world and
    usher in a new era. It was perceived, because it was, as weakness. It has brought home seeds of havoc and cruelty across the Islamic world, as Islamic jihadists have taken control of many movements in the Arab Spring and now the Muslim Brotherhood rules in Egypt. Politics of appeasement.
  8. The enormous spending. He has increased the debt by $5 trillion. He has spent more in 4 years than President Bush did in 8 years.
  9. Dodd-Frank. A death knoll for small banks. A crushing burden on lenders.
  10. “Fast and Furious”. (for more information see Katie Pavlich’s fine book)
  11. The cover-up of “Fast and Furious”.
  12. Obama still wants to close Gitmo. He still wants to release Gitmo detainees; he still
    refuses to recognize that the international terrorist threat is alive and well. Even
    though Bin Ladin, thanks to SEAL Team 6, is dead.
  13. Obama wanted to, and indeed allowed the trial of one terrorist killer in the city of
    New York, at extraordinary cost and with the result that the terrorist killer was only indicted on one of scores of counts and is not going to hang by the neck until dead. He wants to criminalize terrorism.
  14. Obama abandoned the defense of The Defense of Marriage Act. The Defense of Marriage Act represented truly and accurately the sovereign will of the people as represented by their congress and by Bill Clinton, who signed that law. Ask yourself what happens in a country of laws when the President of the United States and his Department of Justice refuse to defend that law.
  15. Obama’s recent executive order on immigration. Whether or not you support the Dream Act, the immigration laws of the United States are passed by Congress, and then the president either signs them into law, or vetoes them.
  16. Justce Sotomayor, leftist, an indication of what Obama will do with future appointments.
  17. Justice Kagan, leftist, also an indication of what Obama will do woth 1, 2, or even 3 appointments if he’s reelected.
  18. President Obama jammed Obamacare down the throat of America. )AFTER Scott Brown was elected to the seat previously held by Ted Kennedy, in liberal Massachusetts)
  19. Obama chose to tax inactivity. (Obamacare)
  20. Obama’s decision to give the IPAB (Independent Payment Advisory Board) authority over your medical decisions. The IPAB is the board of 15 unelected bureaucrats who will decide what will be reimbursed under Obamacare, and what will not.
  21. Obama did not rein in the trial bar. He did not institute medical malpractice reforms in Obamacare.
  22. Obama did not remove a single barrier to the interstate commerce objection to the trafficking in health insurance plans across the United States.
  23. Obama cut Medicare by $760 billion. The medicare trust fund was established by conritibutions that you made and I made, so the people, when they reach retirement at the age of 65, would have their Medicare costs paid for. Note: Romney and Ryan have both said the system is broken and needs to be changed, but nothing will change for anyone over the age of 55. They will put back the money that Obama looted out of there.
  24. Obamacare itself.
  25. Mitt Romney works pretty well with Democrats, unlike Obama, who is the mostpartisan president we’ve ever had.
  26. Mitt Romney deals candidly with problems.
  27. Mitt Romney answers questions without hesitation. He tells the truth.
  28. Obama filibusters in press conferences. He’s always worried about the question around the corner and is unfamiliar with facts. “Let your yes by yes and your no be no” (h/t Carl the Pittsburgh Steelers fan)
  29. Obama blew the Chicago Olympics.
  30. Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize. (how unbecoming of the president to both lose the Olympics but take the Peace Prize–he should have done neither)
  31. Obama did nothing about the Chinese manipulating their currency UNITL MittRomney began to campaign against it.
  32. Obama has done nothing in China to stop the suppression of the Christian house church movement. The Christian house church movement is vibrant, large and growing and under extreme pressure and periodic terrible crackdowns by the Chinese government.
  33. Obama lied about the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya. He did so in the Univision interview long after even Ambassador Susan Rice and White House Press flack Jay Carney had admitted it was a terrorist attack.
  34. President Obama hides from the media.
  35. Mitt Romney is routinely willing to take the tough questions.
  36. Obama sent back the Churchill bust. He tried to deny it through his press secretary.
  37. Robert Gibbs was the worst WH Press Secretary in the history of press secretaries…contemptuous in his attitude toward the public. Robert Gibbs was a close adviser of Obama and is back doing it again.
  38. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are the President’s friends. Obama has never rebuked either of them.
  39. Obama lets the National Education Association obstruct school reform.
  40. Obama likes to say he saved the automobile industry (GM): he did not, he saved the UAW. (he sold out to the UAW)
  41. Obama has not cut one department or bureau out of existence.
  42. We are continuing to fund the National Public Radio System and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, even though we no longer need their mission.
  43. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is trying to crush the use of coal in the United States via their Cross Border Pollution Rule and the destruction generally of co-generation plants. They have a war on coal.
  44. The EPA has declared war on fracking. (The EPA does not want the use of carbon AT ALL)
  45. The EPA is attempting to impose Cap and Trade by regulation.
  46. Obama blames George W. Bush for everything.
  47. 8% unemployment for 42 consecutive months.
  48. Mitt Romney will slash the size and scope of government. He will begin the long andarduous process of entitlement reform.
  49. Mitt Romney is commited to 340 ships in the United States Navy.
  50. The Peoples’ Republic of China. They are large and they are growing and they are NOT our friend. Obama intends to do nothing about the PRC.