By Daylight Disinfectant


Dateline Sunday October 21, 2012 – Portland Oregon:  Occupy Portland has started an online campaign to raise money to buy ceiling advertising on city busses and “the MAX,”  Portland’s commuter rail system.  The organization announced the new effort on their Facebook Page, with links to the campaign which provides awards for various levels of contribution.

Screen Shot from Occupy Portland’s new Ad Campaign


Occupy Portland illegally camped out in Chapman and Lonsdale Squares for well over a month, destroying public property and costing the city over 2 Million dollars in police costs alone.  They have also staged protests which amounted to mob actions of domestic terrorism, destroying private property including the breaking of store front windows and cars.  No word yet whether any of the money raised will go to reimburse the victims of their crimes (including the taxpayers), before any advertising is bought.Contribution options include a $25 “Protest Level,” for which you will receive “a customized Obama head figurine made locally by a generous donor from Coos Bay.”  They range up to a $65 “The People” level, which includes having your name published on the ad, under the banner, “This ad made possible by the generous support of autonomous individuals like…” [btw I thought they were “Anonymous” and not “Autonomous,”]

Occupy writes in their campaign:

Let’s face it: Occupy Portland (and the greater national movement for that matter) is facing a Public Relations crisis.   There is simply too many people unengaged with us and too little word being spread about us as we embark our 2nd year. …. That is why we are launching a new advertisement campaign to raise awareness ourselves and provide opportunity where there has not been before. Our goal is to raise $1,885 (with taxes and fees by Indiegogo, that gives us $1,750) to establish 25 “Michalangelo” ceiling ads inside TriMet buses and MAX lines to last us about 4 weeks.

Well if Occupy is seeking to ensure that they are not forgotten, never let it be said that Portland Area Citizen Journalists have not done their part.  One example, YouTube channel Daylightdisinfectant is a virtual treasure trove of videos which include actual acts of violent crime and eyewitness accounts from folks who stared on in disbelief.  One which came to mind was this woman who stood with me as the police moved in to break up the demonstration.  Here’s the transcript from the Mom:

“When I came down here I saw exactly what I suspected.  I saw a lot of people who were very addicted, very out of it, physically and mentally.  And then I’ve been verbally attacked when I disagree and speak an opposite view or ask a question, I’ve been called many names.  I’ve been threatened … I’ve been told ‘leave, go home’.  I’ve been screamed at and told I have not right to be here, and I find it to be a very hostile group …

Ya think?


If this is not enough material for their ads Occupiers might consider taking in Breitbart’s movie “Occupy Unmasked” which plays in Portland this week.  One of Andrew’s enduring legacies will be this film which sets the record straight on Occupy.  As Andrew says in the film:

Time Magazine, leading the mainstream media, declares Occupy the ‘Story of the Year’ … Occupy’s not the story of the year the American people never got the true story of the Occupy Movement … In the name of ‘Social Justice’ in the name of ‘Economic Equality,’ all the buzz words, these people feel morally justified to commit crimes”

Watch the trailer carefully Portland Occupiers.  You might see yourself.  I was sure to hand over my best stuff to the film’s producers, and gave interviews of what I personally witnessed.

So no fear: Portland’s never going to forget you.

Daylight Disinfectant