Captain America has been a comic book inspiration for generations.


Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

His superhuman patriotism is a welcome alternative to present attitudes.

Born on the cusp of the Great Depression and World War II, Captain America is particularly relevant now as we grapple with a Great Recession and formerly named Global War On Terror ( GWOT ).

I’m glad Cap has recently returned to the big screen. A country too “cool” to be patriotic may soon find itself out of business.

Like us, he was an ordinary American with an extraordinary desire to serve our nation.

Captain America

While there isn’t a Super Soldier serum like his available at the local drug store, America does have super principles allowing anyone to do great things.

The constitution and traditional values like faith; family and personal responsibility produce a steady stream of amazing real life patriots.

Waving Flag #3

Regrettably, today’s bad headlines over shadow just how great we still are. Reaching within and pulling together is much harder now.

Many have given up even trying.

We need inspiration today, just like Americans did when Captain America was created.

We need larger-than -life symbols to remind us we still have a culture which makes people bigger than any challenge before them,

We need to remember that no matter how far to the left some veer, there’s still a place for citizens who say they love America and want her traditions preserved.

That’s Captain America’s message to today’s patriots:

Garb yourselves in American exceptionalism and meet problems head on!

We don’t even need super hero costumes to do it.


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