Month: December 2012

Let’s Roll With Ryan

    After a stunning loss to the petty, but effective, Obama campaign, Republicans are in disarray. In defeat, Republicans demure, become tentative, introspective, and blame their peers. They are inclined to try to appease constituent groups whose vote they were unable to attract. They tend to become Democrat-lite. The problems with this approach are two-fold.   First, this is not “for the good of the country.” Every year Democrats drag us to the brink of a fiscal cliff and then accuse Republicans of wanting to push us off! Negotiating this way only hastens the real day of reckoning, a...

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Shhh-It’s OK To Hate Your White Friends

  Hating White folks is quite popular in our ranks. Our Klan behavior is mostly self-inflicted, so we’ve yet to see American Whites running for their lives from Black lynch mobs. White nationalists argue Black-on-White violence rates describe a more operational hatred than what I”m alluding to. Feel free to visit their sites and judge for yourselves. There is, however, an attitude among American Blacks that it’s often acceptable to privately denounce Whites as ‘devils”; ‘crackers” and other epithets. Liberal sisters and brothers hasten adding this happens among White folks too. Point noted. The N-word; ‘coon”; ‘monkey,” etc isn’t foreign in some White households but that’s not my subject. Mimicking their wrong doesn’t magically make ours right. My overriding concern is the erosion of moral high ground in my segment of America. Payback politics is the order of the day, eclipsing Kingian ( as in Dr Martin Luther King ) emphasis on character over skin color. I can’t address internal negatives afflicting the Black community by using my past in the 80s as the only frame of reference. While the past provides context for present conditions, it can’t be used in a one-size-fits-all manner Slavery can’t explain today’s Black homicide rate. Jim Crow doesn’t answer why our two-parent family unit has ceased to exist. Blaming Republicans is a fun exercise but it isn’t Republicans busy tearing the inner city...

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Fiscal Cliff Hanger

    Tax hikes?/When budget is uncorrected//Jobs gone/Homes unprotected/”Republicans” voting this//Shouldnt be/Reelected #tcot Freedom Verse via Twitter from Cap Black, The Hood Conservative “Read my lips, no-new-taxes” famously said George H W Bush, one of my favorite presidents. He raised them and it’s argued cost himself conservative votes during his unsuccessful reelection bid. Tax hikes are a Republican no-no. At least theoretically. Conservative icon Ronald Reagan is accused of signing the biggest tax increase in American history: $85.3 billion! This 1982 move isn’t usually associated with his great legacy. Raising taxes usually means job producers horde assets; hide them...

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