I grew up in the ” Black Is Beautiful ” era ( late 1960s-1970 ) Surrounded by Afros; platform shoes and EBONY magazine I chose another path alot more old school than theirs.


Jackie Robinson

While I differed with the socialism openly embraced then, I credit that era for making it OK to stand up for ourselves. Consequently, I consider my Generation X to be Americas first generation of free American Blacks.

Oddly, my biggest hero growing up actually pre-dated Black Power. I always felt an affinity for the clear cut world view of my grand parents generation.

Jackie Robinson was the quintessential American hero to me and millions.

While Black folks stuck our chests out, Jackie openly represented American values everyone practiced.

His civil rights eloquence, family values, and patriotism made a lasting impression. He was a real life super hero Americans variously facing Jim Crow and the Soviet threat could draw inspiration from.

His historic denunciation of Communism and domestic discrimination at the House Un-American Activities ( HUAC ) Committee hearings resonates this day.

Please view his comments at 2:25 of this video.

Like my grand parents, Jackie Robinson showed me the power of individualism over coming the artificial limitations of group bias.

He didn’t cheapen his platform by being a world class buffoon, unlike too many current professional athletes. He also stood up for his community and country when he could have kept quiet and enjoyed his fame.

After baseball, he championed free markets by helping open a bank in Harlem and working in other executive positions.

He also took a more direct poltical route by campaigning for Republican Governor Nelson Rockefeller when he ran for president.

Compared to the low brow, immoral characters offered children these days, is it too much to post this ad, in my heart if nowhere else:

WANTED: More Jackie Robinsons.


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