Would you leap onto subway tracks and shield someone with your body, while a train rolled overhead?


Autrey Wesley honored at the 2007 State of the Union


Even the bravest balk at such a heroic challenge.

Wesley Autrey did just that January 2, 2007, and provided yet another example of what makes America great. Hard times have yet to beat decency out of us!

Cameron Hollopeter had a seizure and fell on the tracks. Leaving his two daughters with onlookers, Autrey leapt down and assisted the man, fully conscious that a subway car would eventually come!

Watch the Subway Hero describe what happened in his animated style, no less than the David Letterman Show



Mr. Autrey radiates the warmth and courage which defines being an American. His personality is vibrant and makes people happily part of what could have been a tragedy.


America opened her heart to him: notably, Donald Trump awarded $10,000–which Mr Autrey committed to his daughters education.

New York’s mayor presented him the Bronze Medallion, the city’s highest honor, days after his feat and Mr. Autrey was a guest of honor at President George W Bush January 23, 2007 State of The Union Address.


As we mourn the loss of babies in Connecticut, let’s pause to take comfort from the truly good people in our midst.

Wesley Autrey is indeed the Subway Hero and more: he’s an American original.

We need American originals now more than ever to help us lift ourselves above horrible headlines.

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