By Tarzana Joe



Let’s hear it for the soldiers

The sons and daughters who

Are founders and protectors

Of everything we do


They knew about the dangers

Though some might think this weird

Despite the threats to life and limb

They bravely volunteered


They come from every background

From humble house or suite

But due to that decision

I say they’re all elite


They fight against oppression

Relieve the set upon

They knew the G in G.I. Joe

Didn’t stand for Genghis Khan


They rescue the beleaguered

They liberate the town

And no one better never ever

Tell them to stand down


Let’s let them know they’re honored

And that their nation cares

Let’s hold them in our memories

And keep them in our prayers


Next time you see a soldier

There’s no need to be nervous

Walk right up, stick out your hand

And thank them for their service


And where a battle rages

And when the bugle calls

May angels rush to raise them

When any soldier falls


They stand defending freedom

And everything it means

God bless the Army, Navy, Airforce,

Coast Guard and Marines



Tarzana Joe, the poet laureate of the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show, can be heard on air in the 3rd hour of the broadcast on most Fridays. His wonderful poetry can be found at

Reprint with permission by Tarzana Joe, who can be contacted to pen the perfect poem for any occasion at …see the linked form.