As scandalpalooza marches on, I would like to take you back to what was possibly the first scandal, in my opinion, that could and should have been a much bigger deal than it was.

This scandal hinged around the Black Panthers, their voter intimidation in Pennsylvania and the lack of prosecution by the Eric Holder led Department of Justice.

Why I call this a scandal is because America is supposed to be known for fair elections and the fact that a vast majority of the elections are above board.

In 2008, in Philadelphia, outside of a polling place, the Black Panthers showed up dressed in army fatigues, and brandishing police batons. This is voter intimidation.

If this is not intimidation then I do not know what is.

The largest question was why did they not prosecute? There is a definite answer. That particular group is a part of the band of brothers and sisters who helped to get him elected.

The problem is that the conservatives were not geared up enough to get up to speed on the situation an jump on it to make it into a scandal like we have done the current scandals.

Scandals are supposed to be brought to light and made to stick to the alleged-president.

With the current scandals the biggest question will be do the republicans have the stones to arrest Holder and the others who have lied? Do they, also, have the stones to follow the breadcrumbs, such as they are, to the alleged-president where they can possibly proceed with impeachment proceedings?

We will see what will happen with all of the various committees which are looking into the scandals.