The Republicans hold all the cards in this debate!

Dear Republican Party, please wake up.  You hold all the cards in the Immigration Reform battle.  As long as you are giving in to a path to Citizenship, the Democrats know this is their Holy Grail for permanent majorities.

So, with this power in your hands, why are you still so bad, dumb and inept at negotiating a good Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill?

As an immigrant who for many years carried a Green Card, I have some credentials to discuss Immigration Reform.  My son is Hispanic and my wife is first generation Mexican-American.  We know many illegals and legal immigrants. We have lived it.

The Senate Bill passed recently is a farce.  Let me say, I fully support immigration reform.  I understand the plight of our friends and acquaintances that are undocumented.

However, a path to Citizenship is not that important for immigrants (my mother has had her green card since 1967 and she is fine not being a citizen).  As a Green Card holder myself for 25 years, I had full rights of citizens, except voting.  I had to register for the Draft and paid full taxes.  I was fingerprinted and documented.

The ability to fully participate in our society and travel back to one’s home country IS important to undocumented immigrants.  For us, having them pay taxes, learn to drive (legally), etc. is important, as well.

The most important aspect for the Democrat party is for current illegals to VOTE.

Dems know full well that their policies of handouts, pandering and dependency will ensnarl even the most well-intended, hard working low skill worker.

The Republicans are just stupid on this.  Have the Republicans ever listened to Spanish TV or Radio (I direct you to Jonathon Alter’s new book)?  Mitt Romney’s pathetic outreach to Hispanics was the problem, not legalization via blanket Amnesty.  I am embarrassed at how poorly Republicans interact with Hispanics.

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush

Amnesty will not cure Republican’s lack of desire to interact (and, yes, pander) to this important group (just look at how our self-appointed leader on this, Jeb Bush, discusses “more fertile” instead of talking about family values – just disgusting).  Republicans, post Amnesty, will continue to get only 25-35% of the vote; Dems will get 70% or more.  This could change, but that is beyond the scope of this debate.

Let’s talk about this Senate plan when we have a President like Barrack Obama who has seen no law he cannot break or skirt.

The day AFTER Amnesty is signed into law, the newly legalized will begin their FAST path toward voting for Democrats.  First, Obama will declare, via Executive Order, that a second class legal status is Unconstitutional.  Who will stop him?  The Republicans – NO; The Supreme Court – not a chance.

Thereafter, he will declare that giving Citizenship to 20 million folks is just too hard with our bloated bureaucracy.  So, it will only take another Executive Order then to make all Green Card holders Automatic Citizens.  This will be in time to vote in 2016.  Again, who will stop him – Eric Holder?

I am sure Lindsay Graham and John McCain will complain, but secretly, they will agree with Obama’s actions. Contrary to MSM viewpoints, the Republicans do hold ALL the cards in this debate!

Once the Republicans agree that there should be a path the Citizenship, the Dems will be satisfied.  Challenge Obama to NOT sign ANY bill that includes the path.  There is no chance that Republicans will carry the majority vote of a lower skill-set class of citizens – none, and he knows it.

Therefore, the path to Citizenship needs to be a long one, with specific road blocks to Obama’s lawlessness.  I am for limited paths — Military Service, many years without any crimes, etc. — but the Republicans have all already caved on this.

Since the Republicans are throwing away their chance at future elections, they should get something in return:

  • Honest Border Security
  • Visa entry and exit tracking system
  • good legal immigration, Europeans, Asians, Australians, etc.
  • very limited chain migration
  • Worker E-verify
  • And, for Hugh Hewitt, a real fence like I grew up with in West Berlin, on our southern border, not with the Moose.