The homosexual lobby, and the Left in general, are praising President Obama for his sending Billie Jean King to Russia for the Winter Olympics instead of him going himself.

Putin is under fire for cracking down on homosexual athletes ahead of the games and Obama’s sending of King, who is a lesbian, is supposed to convey a message to Putin. I think it actually does send a message, but not the message that the fawning Left wants to hear.

Let’s not forget, Obama is still smarting from Putin handing him his lunch on Syria. After talking tough and preparing for unilateral military action to uphold his “red line,” Obama backed down and Putin swooped in and “saved the day,” making Obama look like a spineless worm.

Obama is an expert at using public policy to avenge his frail ego. During the government “shutdown,” he personally made sure that the public suffered during a menial ordeal they would have otherwise not have noticed. He wanted the “shutdown” to hurt so the American people would grant him license to continue spending the country into insolvency.

And now, he’s out sending homosexual athletes to Russia as a middle finger to Putin.

Mark my words, this is an act of spite and vengeance. Obama loves exacting revenge. Remember, he’s from Chicago, where politics is a blood sport. He fired Inspector General Gerald Walpin in the summer of 2009 during his investigation of Obama supporter and Sacramento Mayor, Kevin Johnson, for allegations of misusing federal grant money.

The President infamously told Hispanic voters that they need to ‘punish our enemies’ by voting against Republicans in an interview on Univision. And on the eve of the 2012 presidential election, he told a crowd in Ohio, “Don’t boo. Vote! Voting’s the best revenge!”

Everyone wants to think of Obama’s gesture of sending King to the Olympics as a show of solidarity with homosexual activists. But it’s nothing more than what Obama has become known for, “flipping off” anyone he feels has slighted him.

And why wouldn’t he? After Putin ran in with his deal based on an off-hand remark by John Kerry (who served in Vietnam), Obama was left out in the cold. People were calling Putin the leader of the free world, a title usually reserved for the sitting president of the United States.

In Obama’s attempt to make America smaller on the world’s stage, he actually allowed Putin to make a fool of him. It’s ok for America to be emasculated, but Obama personally? No way.

Obama is, without fail, on the side of the militant homosexual lobby at the expense of religious liberty and natural law. But he’s not interested in standing up for any cause unless it personally makes him look good and furthers his political goals.

Does anyone think Obama would have sent Billie Jean King to lead this delegation if the Olympics were being held in Teheran? Would Obama go out of his way to give a middle finger to the Islamists (who he is aiding at the expense of the American taxpayer and the survival of Israel)?

When previously given opportunities to stand up to tyrants, he sided with the tyrants. Whether it was Honduras when the Chavez-wannabe made a play to be president for life, Iran during the Green Revolution, or Egypt during the uprising against Mubarak — Obama always sides against freedom for oppressed people and with the forces of tyranny.

Why woulds anyone think he suddenly wants to stand up against oppression?

This action just makes Obama even smaller than he already is. Sure he will get points with the Left and the militant homosexual lobby for standing with them, but the Billie Jean King gambit won’t entice Putin to act differently. It also doesn’t change the fact that Putin still has one over on the President vis-à-vis Syria.

One last observation: Obama’s stand in this instance is in line with his trip to Africa last summer where he was pushing those countries to embrace the redefinition that his constituency is pushing in this country.

People like Obama who go on and on about how we need to keep out of other countries’ business are now demanding they embrace a false definition of marriage. He clearly doesn’t respect the institution, wants it changed, and he is taking his arrogance internationally.

Of course, when dealing with Barack Obama, arrogance does not stop at the water’s edge.