Month: January 2014

Gear Review: AR-15 bolt cleaners

There are a lot of new owners of modern sporting rifles based on the AR-15 design out there. ¬†   Some people I know have purchased these rifles sight unseen. ¬†Normally you wouldn’t recommend someone do this. But when you’re talking about AR-15s, there isn’t much risk in buying something that the military and police use (in modified form). If you are unfamiliar with the rifle, the first time you handle one it is a bit of a departure from standard rifle designs. This is a good thing. The rifle breaks down easily, making all of the internal parts...

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CLA Radio 01/03/14: Birthday Selfie Show

Programming note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, broadcast date is tentative and may be subject to change. The next ConservativeLA Radio show (on Duane FM in the Hughniverse, Friday, 01/03, 7:00 Pacific/10:00 Eastern) will be roughly 2/3 music that I’ve been involved with (most of which I wrote),¬† with the other 1/3 or so consisting of musical mash-ups. Hope you can stop by and listen, and join us in chat! Spoiler set list: MPT: Stupitopia Intro (Andy Kubicki) Midnight Rounders: A Little Like George Jones Blue Lark Music: Way Beyond Blue Marx Brothers: Duck Soup MPT: Ballad of Hugh Hewitt...

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