What do you call those who believe their worst suppositions about other people based on race, religion or politics? – Prejudiced.

What do you call a network, or political party, that trades in prejudice? – Corrupt, is the word that comes to mind.

Melissa Harris-Perry mocked Mitt Romney over the adoption of his black grandson. That is prejudice. She felt normal carrying on like this at MSNBC. That is corruption – a culture of corruption.

You may disagree with Mitt Romney politically, but you will seldom meet a finer, more gracious man. As you’d expect, Mitt publicly forgave MHP.

When have you ever heard of a leftist forgiving a conservative? The whole point of impugning conservatives is to not forgive them – it’s to gain a political advantage by prejudicing people against them.

And I would not forgive Melissa Harris-Perry. Rather, in the spirit of Leftist dogma, I would exonerate her. Exonerate her? Let me explain …

Leftists blame the “environment,” or “culture” for the misdeeds of individuals. They always wonder what “we,” can do to prevent people from making disagreeable personal choices. They don’t believe that people are ultimately responsible for their own behavior. They don’t believe in free will.

By this logic, MHP cannot be responsible for her own statements, views, or actions. She is only an unwilling victim of the culture of corruption that is her environment, rampant at MSNBC, vis-à-vis the abhorrent ranting of Chris Matthews or the gutter-minded Martin Bashir, or “I don’t do requests” Rachel Maddow.

Melissa Harris-Perry is only doing what’s called for at MSNBC, calling out the evil, racist conservatives and Republicans, hitting them low and hard, and being edgy.

Yes, sometimes one of them goes too far, and gets in hot water, but they’re just pawns in a bigger game – the business of manufacturing political prejudice. Good soldiers may fall, but they’ll eventually get picked up again – somewhere, like Obama does with disgraced members of his administration.

For the Left, bad behavior is a résumé enhancement.

The mind of the modern Leftist projects prejudice. Gaia help you if you cross one of their sacred cows, so you, too, can be labeled a racist, sexist, homophobe, or fascist. They jump at the opportunity. Any excuse will do.

Take, for instance, the innocent Paula Dean, or Phil Robertson – both attacked personally with brutal slander, and professionally with boycotts. Romney, himself, was personally attacked in many such ridiculous ways during the Presidential campaign.

Now, since MSNBC is clearly not a serious news organization, I won’t go so far as to accuse it of dereliction of Constitutional responsibility. But MSNBC must at least be the poster child for addiction to the Ad hominem. The fact that it, as a network, must know better is what makes it corrupt – a corrupt political enterprise.

MHP made a tearful apology to Mitt Romney. But I submit that it’s MSNBC that should make the apology. And while it’s good to be contrite, repentance and restitution are better. Actions speak louder than words, and more than tears. What to do then, MSNBC?

Exonerate Conservatives.

If Romney is not a racist, then what is he? A great father, an advocate of adoption, a believer in Life?  How about doing a story on that? How about not treating every conservative as a racist by default? How about taking conservative points of view seriously? How about interviewing real conservatives to find out what they have to contribute?

These are people who believe in economy, in peace through strength, in equality of opportunity, in Liberty and in personal responsibility.  Trust me – I know a lot of them – racism is the last thing on their minds. Try hanging out with some of them and you’ll see what I mean. You’d be amazed.

Hire some great conservative bloggers and commentators. There are so many good ones out there. Hire Hugh Hewitt for some advice – he knows everybody.

You have no idea of the energy bubbling in the Tea Party patriots around America, waiting to be ignited and amplified. People who are sick of being laughed at by the political and media elite.

Now, I know that MSNBC is unlikely to take my advice. No matter how abysmally low their rantings or their ratings get, they continue doing the same thing – the definition of insanity, unless ratings are not the primary goal. What, then, is their primary goal? To be a sacrificial lamb of verbal insurgency?

I suppose they should be congratulated for their sacrifice. They’ve thrown their own credibility under the bus, advancing the Leftist zeitgeist of fear – fear of all things conservative. It’s been a successful ruse, confusing the less well-informed.

By keeping people focused on squirrels like this, people don’t notice the loss of Fallujah, Afghanistan, Turkey, Syria, or Russia for that matter. By turning people against each other, people don’t notice the gradual erosion of economic opportunity, freedom of choice, and freedom of religion.

It is conventional wisdom among the Left that conservatives are racists, Yet, no conservative I know would think twice about working with anyone of any color, and no conservative I know would ever dream of saying something like MHP did. If one ever did, say on Fox, I’m sure they’d be thrown off the set right then and there – cut mic.

So what’ll it be, MSNBC?

Is this apology only made of words and tears? Or are you going to do something about it?  Are you really going to let Melissa Harris-Perry throw herself under your blustery bus? Is every day going to be just another play with a cadre of MSNBC ankle-biters?

One would hope not. One would hope, for Christ’s sake, that you would start doing what is right instead. Take responsiblity for your own network. Here, I’ll make it easy for you.

To begin with…just treat Conservatives and Republicans like you would Democrats.

There. See how simple that is?