In honor of Generalissmo Duane Patterson’s upcoming surgery, the next ConservativeLA Radio show (on Duane FM in the Hughniverse, Friday, 02/07, 7:00 Pacific/10:00 Eastern) will be comprised of approximately two-thirds gallbladder- and hospital-related material, followed by random music included on the set list for absolutely no reason whatsoever (other than the fact that they are, in my estimation, excellent tunes).

Hope you can stop by and listen, and join us in chat!

Spoiler set list:

CLA Radio Presents: Bile Bag (On His Hip)
Rosemary Clooney: Tenderly
Additional Audio: Gallbladder Birthday eCard
Eels: Hospital Food
Marin Marais: Le Tableau de l’Operation de la Taille
Weird Al Yankovic: Like A Surgeon
Rev. Paul Tedder: The Gallbladder Song
The Who: There’s A Doctor
Romance & Cigarettes: A Man Without Love
Gregory Isaacs: Night Nurse
Additional Audio: LBJ and RFK (1965)
Scatman Crothers: Transfusion
Dr. and Master Sha: Tao Song for Healing & Rejuvenation of Gallbladder
Jawbreaker: Outpatient
Additional Audio: Marilyn Monroe After Gallbladder Surgery
Monty Python: Medical Love Song
Additional Audio: CLAR As Good As It Gets Show ID
Ben Folds Five: Hospital Song
Aaron Aryanpur: Hospital
Humble Pie: I Don’t Need No Doctor
Mikey and Big Bob: Gallbladder Rap
The Beatles: Dr. Robert
Manoj Kumar and Mauli: Rum
Darryl Rhoades: Barney Fife Station ID
Buck Owens: Heartaches By The Number
Drive By Truckers: Zoloft
Dick Dale: The Wedge
Tammy Wynette: Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad
Son Volt: Drown
George Jones: The Race Is On
Alison Krauss & Union Station: Boderline
Ray Charles: Let’s Go Get Stoned
Guy Clark: Hemingway’s Whiskey
Dwight Yoakam: Sin City
Emmylou Harris: One Of These Days
Daniel Lanois: O Marie
Nirvana: Stay Away
20/20: Cheri
The Jam: Man In The Corner Shop