American leftists, who get indignant if you accuse them of being communists or communist sympathizers, sure seem to praise communists whenever and wherever they can find them.

No matter what the carnage or the misery of the people of a nation, such as Cuba, the Left can’t help but extol the virtues of a despot such as Fidel Castro.

Castro brutalized his own citizenry, suppressed opposition by jailing or killing any rebels, and made life a living nightmare all the way around.

From Michael Moore to the Congressional Black Caucus to Ozzie Guillen (manager of the Miami Marlins), our friends on the Left find it suitable to heap praise on communist thugs like Fidel Castro.

The latest example is retiring Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA), who recently took a trip to Cuba and said:

“Their life expectancy is now greater than ours. It’s interesting—their public health system is quite remarkable.”

On Monday, Harkin took to the floor of the United States Senate to sing Cuba’s praises.

Fortunately, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), who is the son of Cuban ex-patriates, was having none of this. Rubio took after Harkin on the floor and spent the next fourteen minutes laying waste to Harkin’s playing the obsequious sycophant.

You can watch the totality of Rubio’s speech below:

Rubio’s passion is evident — as you would expect from the son of Cuban exiles. He takes this time to methodically remind everyone who is watching of the evils of the Cuban regime.

Rubio shatters the Left’s pathetic attempts to whitewash the inhumane oppression of communism.

The Left has spent the last century papering over the despotic regimes of communism worldwide, from Stalin to Mao to Castro and so on. There isn’t a communist thug that the Left doesn’t drool over. As Ed Morrissey points out at Hot Air, Progressives’ attempts to side with evil regimes against their victims, and against Western Civilization at large, are about to become more difficult.

For now that there are two articulate, Conservative spokesmen of Cuban descent in the Upper Chamber of the United States Congress.

I recommend watching the entire speech and sharing it with everyone. The world is still a dangerous place with many evil-doers in power and using that power to suppress their citizenry. This is more evidence that the Left cannot be trusted with foreign policy.

As seen in the last century, in the fight of good against evil, liberty against oppression, the Left always seem to find themselves on the wrong side of international problems.

*Get the transcript for Rubio’s floor speech at the Hot Air link above, courtesy of Senator Rubio’s office.