It was me – I restored American leadership! No, really!

Disagree with me if you dare, but if Hillary can make that claim then so can I. So could you. So could anybody who has actually done something truly American in the last eight years.

Hilarity Clinton defended her tenure at State this way:

“I think we really restored American leadership in the best sense.”

Yes, that’s the same tenure that began with the Russian Reset and came to fruition with the Crimea Invasion! Laugh Out Loud!

Well, if leadership is being wined and dined while globe-trotting, alienating your allies while sucking up to your enemies, then yeah – Hillary’s got me beat.

But it’s not. Hillary’s a joke. I mean, here’s Vlad The Impropriate: “Stop me if you’ve heard this – Obama and Hillary walk into a Russian bar in Crimea!” Or this one – “Reset! Ha, ha, ha, Comrades!”

It’s not really all that funny: that whole “War is over, if you want it” foreign policy – surrendering Iraq (“ending” the war), Afghanistan (ditto), Egypt (supporting the Muslim Brotherhood), Libya (Benghazi!). Need I go on?

Hillary and Obama have surrendered American leadership, not restored it. What is she talking about?

Restoring leadership was a Democrat talking-point going after Bush, since around ’06. She’s still running against Bush, trying to pretend she’s been successful somehow. This is just the narrative she wishes were true. The fact that it isn’t true doesn’t seem to phase her.

I contend, that since I’ve never sold out America to its adversaries just to procure Peace In Our President’s Time; since I’ve never supported the murderous Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt; since I’ve never been responsible for the deaths of heroes in Benghazi while blaming some poor filmmaker; and …

Since I, by being American – teaching my sons and daughters self-reliance, engaging in free-enterprise, exercising my 2nd Amendment rights, respecting my fellow citizens’ freedom of religion and expression; and encouraging others to think and act like a responsible free people, under the Constitution; that …

I have, indeed, been more instrumental in restoring American leadership these last eight years. Far more than Hillary’s blathering behind the bullying pulpit from her perch at State.

And therefore, so have you, great Americans!

There! What? You thought I was kidding?


Want to really restore American leadership?

Dump these posers. Relegate Obama-ism to the ash-heap of history by rejecting Hillary or whatever rock-star the Democrats come up with in her place.

The next president should not be an American Idol – S/he just needs to be classically American.