By Leo T. Thornton

Ever since I became politically aware, I quickly learned that every aspect of politics is like everything else in America — for sale.

However, call me naïve, but I thought we’d never abandon Israel, the only free democracy and our only true ally in the Middle East. I know our leaders haven’t formally denounced Israel, but they haven’t sternly supported them either.

In fact, during Israel’s latest conflict with Hamas, the attempted peace deal brokered by Secretary of State Kerry was insulting to Israel. It not only didn’t demand that Hamas destroy their tunnels, but did demand Israel and Egypt open their Gaza border crossings, where in the past, weapons have been brought in.

Further, the deal called for Israel and Egypt to financially help Hamas build a Mediterranean seaport. Kerry also met with U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and promised Gaza $47 million in humanitarian aid. Such aid in the past has funded the missiles and tunnels that are now terrorizing Israel.

Not exactly the support for Israel that our leaders showed in the past.

Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick has my explicit instructions that if Israel is ever forced to walk out of the United Nations, the United States and Israel will walk out together.
~ President Reagan.

So why now is President Obama saying that Israel has a right to defend herself and then trying to make deals that would keep Israel in that very position?

In my opinion it’s the ultimate oxymoron…Progressivism.

The president has to show support for Israel because the American public does. Yet, he depends on the low info voters’ lack of knowledge to attempt such an ignorant deal. The main stream media doesn’t help by saying things like “President Obama is calling for a ceasefire” without sharing any in-depth details of such an agreement.

By selling out Israel we get U.N. political cred.

American citizens could care less what the United Nations thinks about us.

To protect ourselves, our allies, and our interests, we’d rather see the United States take the lead in these types of situations. Progressives would rather be part of a world collective and make decisions without a thought about us. They’ll sacrifice our friends and our interests for a smaller, safer, unimportant seat at a volatile table.

The U.N. recently condemned Israel and the U.S. for not sharing its Iron Dome technology, which protects Israel from missile attacks from Hamas. This type of blue helmet thinking can have two results: the war will never end, or Hamas can reverse engineer it to defeat Israel.

Currently the 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire that Hamas and Israel agreed to fell apart just after a few hours. The real question is will Hamas use any ceasefire to negotiate peace, or to stall until another Iranian missile shipment arrives?

If the latter, Hamas will continue until they run out of missiles or civilian human shields.

Also, how long before Hamas, ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, Syria, Iran, and whatever other Islamic radicals out there figure out that they have many differences but the hated of Israel in common? Such a coalition of evil can only happen while the U.S. progressively leads from behind.

Unfortunately, Israel knows the American leaders don’t have their back.

The good news is they know that the American people do.


Twitter: @HillsTerrace