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There are few issues that demonstrate the intellectual dishonesty of the Left more than the issue of race.

The fact that race is still a major issue in 21st century America is entirely the fault of the Left. A new farce…er…piece is out in Politico magazine, written by Doug McAdam and Karina Kloos, entitled “Race and the Modern GOP.

Before I go through this litany of idiocy, let’s begin with the picture at the top of the piece.

If you want to understand how unserious a person is when discussing race, just look for any mention of George Wallace. The first tip that the authors of this piece have no intentions of being truthful or serious is the picture of Alabama Democrat segregationist George Wallace at the top of the page.

What honest person starts off a piece about the Republican Party and race with a giant picture of George Wallace standing in the doorway?

This is the first duplicity of the Democrat Party on race. They take every racist Democrat who adamantly worked to use the law to treat black people as subhuman and call them Republicans or conservatives. From George Wallace (D-AL) to Orville Faubus (D-AR) to Lester Maddox (D-GA) to Al Gore Sr. (D-TN), the Democrats work fervently with their allies in the drive-by media to expunge the (D) from their names.

Then there’s the matter of saying Republicans used to be “liberal” on race and Democrats were “conservative.” This is the ploy of linking “conservative” to “racist.”

From Politico:

“Geographically rooted in the South, the Democrats were a strange coalition of northern racial liberals and southern segregationists. The Republican Party was centered in the Midwest and Northeast and was, in the aggregate, far more racially liberal than the Democrats.”

Equating equal protection before the law with “racially liberal” is profoundly dishonest. What is referred to as “liberal” in this country has always been left-wing, and the left wing has always been where racial division has been sown.

Conservatives like William McKenley and Calvin Coolidge made sure to push for civil rights laws that were always shot down by the Democrats. Meanwhile “liberals” like Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt pushed for racial segregation, fought against anti-lynching laws, and stacked the federal deck with Klansmen.

The truth is the Republican Party is, and has always been, the party of racial equality.

Democrats have always and continue to be the party of racial strife, division, and hatred. Now that narrative has been turned on its head because people are convinced that the two parties switched places on race.

From Politico:

Many Dixiecrats, outraged by what they saw as federal complicity in the attack on the Southern “way of life,” were poised to abandon Kennedy and the Democrats.

The old “the two parties switched canard” rears its ugly head.

This is why George Wallace’s picture graces the top of the piece. They need to convince people that the party that treated blacks as subhuman for its entire existence is really their savior. This is why people believe that Lyndon Johnson was sincere in passing the Civil Rights Act in 1964.

These people intent on duping Americans would be well-advised to check out LBJ’s history as the leader of the United States Senate. Johnson was notorious for his use of the n-word in his long, corrupt career as a politician. He worked to water down civil rights legislation that was passed in 1957 and 1960.

While President Eisenhower and Vice-President Nixon were staunchly pro-civil rights, Johnson was the obstructionist, leading the party of No to undermine civil rights.

Johnson’s support for the 1964 Civil Rights Act was more of a realization that Blacks were voting in big enough numbers to permanently render his party obsolete. It was an act of naked political opportunism that was encapsulated by a quote overheard by an aide on Air Force One, “We’ll have those n*gg*rs voting Democrat for the next hundred years.” Blacks have so far fulfilled that legacy and we now see the disastrous results.

Johnson’s victory in the 1964 presidential election is supposed to be proof that the racist Deep South jumped into the Republican corner as revenge for the Democrats supporting the Civil Rights Act.

From Politico:

Compare the 1964 map to its 1956 counterpart, showing Dwight Eisenhower’s equally lopsided win in the earlier year. In 1956 the “solid South” holds true to its historic allegiance to the Democratic Party, even in the face of Eisenhower’s sweep of the rest of the country.

Eight years later, the South is out of step with the nation once again, this time in a way that no one could have imagined in 1956. The votes of the Deep South now belonged to the Republican Party and, more tellingly, to its conservative, anti-civil rights candidate, Goldwater.


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