Author: Tamara Louris

Mitt and Ann: A Compelling Portrait

Throughout America’s relatively short history, men and women of character have arisen at every critical juncture; people who shepherded us onto the high ground, led us to victory in battle, and gave voice to lofty and noble visions. These leaders perhaps appeared rather ordinary at first glance, but over time distinguished themselves and rose above other voices, supported by indefatigable moral and principled convictions. Over the past couple decades the claim has oft been made that leaders, even presidents, can be great leaders for a nation while, at the very same time, being suspect in their personal lives. And...

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Perhaps the best talk show on air?

  We are the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show Tribbles: those aficionados and enthusiasts of Hugh’s show. At 3 PM PT, Monday-Friday, folks from all over the US tune in via radio or stream online to hear Hugh navigate the oft-times murky waters of politics, law, literature, business, faith, and sometimes (gasp) sports. Ask any listener of the show and they will attest the show’s quality. Hugh’s fine producer, Duane Patterson, enhances the show and the Hugh-Duane repartee is fun and at times hilarious. Hugh is, bar none, the best interviewer there is. The best. Ask the book publicists and...

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