Author: Bob Colvin

The Sheepdog as Fire Extinguisher

[Fourth in a series] There is a specious contention going around in certain gun-control circles that people who carry concealed are looking for a chance to shoot someone.   This is as ridiculous as saying that someone who places a fire extinguisher in the home hopes the place will catch on fire. The LAST thing a concealed carrier WANTS to do is shoot ANYBODY. People who carry concealed are often referred to as “sheepdogs”. The sheepdog is there to protect the flock and lead it to safety when the wolf comes calling. A person who carries concealed has made...

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But, Officer, I am the Victim

  [third in a series]   Now that you have decided to move through society in Condition Yellow (yellow alert) and have determined that you have the will to fight: “What happens after you are forced to use your firearm and survive an encounter?” In this instance you will almost certainly be full of adrenalin, shaken by the experience, in shock, sickened, scared, and/or remorseful. Any combination of these physical and mental states are not conducive to making clear, reasoned decisions. Therefore, more prior planning and pre-conditioning are required. Experts in the field of self-defense have slightly varied advice...

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Democrat Delegates Disenfranchised

  On Wednesday afternoon, 5 September 2012, I listened to a recording of activity at the Democrat National Convention (furnished by the good offices of the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show) that evoked emotions ranging from raucous laughter to seething rage to visceral fear. This, of course, was the Orwellian puppet show of Governor Ted Strickland (D-OH) offering an amendment to the Democrat platform to place God and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel back into the document. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (D-Los Angeles), head of the Democratic National Convention, declared that the issue required a 2/3 vote in the affirmative (hint, hint).  The...

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Yellow Alert and the Will To Fight

[second in a series] When a person makes the decision to carry concealed, they are making a statement to themselves: “I am willing and prepared to fight to protect myself and other innocents.” This decision is not a trivial one; it may lead to action that results in the taking of a human life. Under circumstances of immediate threat, or “fear for my life”, employing a handgun may be appropriate and justified. We like to think that we live in a civilized world and the vast majority of time we are not under direct threat of bodily harm from...

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