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Dumpster baby in Texas saved by hero maintenance man

By Jeannie DeAngelis Texas maintenance worker Carlos Michel heard faint whimpering sounds coming from a dumpster at a nearby apartment complex. Michel said that what he thought he heard were the muffled cries of a kitten or perhaps a dying animal. As he neared the dumpster, the man was sure that whoever or whatever was whimpering inside was struggling. Leaning into the blue dumpster, Carlos grabbed hold of a white plastic trash bag, pulled it out, placed it on the ground, and ripped it open to find a newborn baby boy inside. The infant, with umbilical cord still attached, was cold and purple, but still alive. “I almost had a heart attack,” Michel said. After this modern-day Moses was plucked from the oversized ashcan, paramedics arrived to take him to Houston’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, where the small babe was reported to be in good shape. Photo credit: Ricky Ramirez Read more at Live Action News  ...

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Dinesh D’Souza Indicted for Telling the Truth

The headline on Drudge read “MOVIEMAKER INDICTED.” Dinesh D’Souza, the brilliant, soft-spoken Christian gentleman who dared to tell the truth about Barack Obama in a documentary has been federally indicted. It took a few years, but the guys in the lace-up patent leather boots and armbands finally found something to harass him over. It started with adultery, when that didn’t stick, the mining expedition continued. The charge now? Contributing too much money to a candidate who sought to replace former New York Senator Hillary Clinton. The producer of D’Souza’s movie Obama’s America: 2016, Gerald Molen, believes the charges are politically...

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