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The Center-Center Country

  I have agreed with a consensus of conservative Republicans that America, until recent years, has been a center-right country.    I differ with conservatives that now say: 1. The re-election of president Obama didn’t change the fact that we are a center-right country because Mitt Romney was a bad candidate who couldn’t articulate conservative ideals and that is why the GOP lost this presidential election or 2. The re-election of president Barack Obama, in a year that should have given the GOP a big presidential win, proves that America is now a center-left country. It can’t be pinpointed...

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Are You Kidding Me? Are You Kidding Me?

  Now it is coming to the sad realization that the election results were not just a nightmare that would end when we woke up.  No, we have woken up and the nightmare is still with us.  Proof of this nightmare: President Obama has floated the possibility that he will name Senator John Kerry as Secretary of Defense and Ambassador Susan Rice as Secretary of State.  The one cabinet official he has pledged to keep is Attorney General Eric Holder. Yes, you heard me right-Senator John Kerry-Secretary of Defense. Ambassador Susan Rice-Secretary of State.   These might be [if he...

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Where Are The Pictures From The Situation Room This Time?

  I’ve had it up to here with president Obama’s spiking the football, on a decision in giving the go orders to kill Bin Laden, that any other president in the position that Obama was in would have made.   First of all, let’s get one thing straight President Obama, you didn’t get anybody.  President Obama, your call was not courageous nor heroic: it was the Navy SEALs, and the Navy SEALs alone that showed courage and heroism.  It was the Navy SEALs and the Navy SEALs alone that “got” Bin Laden. President Obama couldn’t wait to show the...

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Will Even This Not Affect Your Support For Obama?

  I remember as a young Jew being at my parents house and beaming with pride as Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Abba Eban, addressed the UN Security Council after Israel had repelled the Arab forces trying to eliminate Israel just after the “Six Day War”.  On June 6, 1967 Eban addressed, not just the UN, but the entire world in an emotional, brilliant defense of the state of Israel.    The whole world seemed to stop as they were riveted by Eban’s stirring speech.  I think all Jews, as indeed all Americans were moved by this great leaders...

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The Big Media Cover-up

  On Sept. 11, 2001 came the horror of America being attacked and 3000 Americans being murdered by Islamic terrorists.  The George W Bush presidency was changed forever as he knew he must become a war time president against radical Islam.  His focus from that day until the end of his presidency would be to keep America from being attacked again and to keep Americans safe from Islamic terrorists. That is why George W Bush’s first job every morning was to meet with his national security advisers and receive his Presidential Daily Briefing [that concerned intelligence threats to the...

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