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Don’t Mess With Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas– except the government, unemployment rate, and taxes. The state has no personal income tax, comparatively few regulations on business, and the dollar in general just seems to go a little farther. In contrast from the days of the Dust Bowl, people are fleeing the bankrupt cities of California for the hopes of a fresh start in Texas. With so many great things going for the state, who would really want things to change? Enter the Democratic Party. Texas has been seen as the Republican Party’s safety net. As the largest Republican controlled state and with...

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Conservatives Put Differences Aside

  CPAC 2013 was one to remember. Out of the approximately 11,000 attendees, 54% were under the age of 24.   Speakers encouraged and engaged this diversity throughout their speeches. Overall, it was the much needed boost in enthusiasm that Republicans needed after the election. The crowd swooned over the speeches of Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio, just to name a few. The emphasis was on the so often forgotten third word in the conference’s title: action. It was a call to action to all Conservatives to put aside minor differences to work for the greater good....

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Can a Libertarian Win Republicans?

  Rand Paul’s speech at CPAC drew the attention of thousands.   The ballroom that holds approximately 6,000 people was filled to the brim. Senator Paul, who agrees more with Republicans than his father did, still gave a speech filled with strong libertarian language. So can a Libertarian leaning politician win over Republicans?   The speech was indeed controversial but most I asked seemed to approve. After the filibuster, Rand Paul 2016 rumors fill the air. A student called upon the audience to stand during all of Rand Paul’s speech to honor the his filibuster last week. Without any...

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Setting the Stage for the Youth

  People in the media sit at their desks and claim that the Republican message does not attract the youth. But how do a bunch of old people, locked in their offices, understand how the youth votes? After just a few hours of the CPAC conference, one thing was clear: the youth are involved and do care about the conservative movement. Going to this event I figured that I might be the only person under the age of 40. I figured that the vendors displayed would be mostly retirement communities and funeral homes. However, I, along with the media,...

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CPAC: Figuring Out What’s Next

  (Photograph  GHD PHOTOGRAPHY & DESIGN)   The week Conservatives have been waiting for is finally here (one of the few places where whipping out a pocket constitution does not result in public humiliation).   For the past 40 years, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has provided a venue for normal people and politicians to take a step into the national spotlight–this year will be no different. Even though the conference has seen its fair share of controversies (including the traditional and expected threats from groups like Occupy Wall Street), CPAC is desperately needed this year. A tough...

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