Month: August 2012

Sign Up for Hillsdale College’s Constitution 201

Constitution 201:  “The Progressive Rejection of the Founding and the Rise of Bureaucratic Despotism”   Hillsdale’s Constitution 101 “The Meaning and History of the Constitution” was a superb,educational course, and now Hillsdale is taking registration for Constitution 201, which will begin September 4th, 2012. The 10 week, weekly video classes will be taught by Hillsdale President, Larry Arnn, Ronald J. Pestritto, Thomas G. West, William Morrisey, Kevin Portteus, and John Grant. The course description: “This new 10-week online course taught by Hillsdale College professors will examine American progressivism: its historical roots and principles; its rejection of America’s founding principles and Constitution; its...

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Mitt Romney’s Grand Slam

  As the Republican Convention closes, it’s time to gear up because the general election has now begun. Mitt Romney did a great job rallying the troops. His speech not only followed up a great biography started by his lovely wife, Ann, on Tuesday night, he went to work, taking apart President Obama. And he started it off with this, “You know there’s something wrong with the kind of job he’s done as president when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him.” He hit Obama on his lack of understanding of business, his apology...

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Post-Convention Thoughts

  I spent Thursday evening watching my beloved Green Bay Packers have their way with the Kansas City Chiefs in their final pre-season game.  On another screen I was watching the final night of the Republican convention.  So forgive me if I throw out some football analogies here. I won’t rehash the speeches or highlight the best lines of the night.  That is all being done by smarter people elsewhere.  We now have a slate of candidates and it’s full steam ahead to November.  I’m pleased with our choice of candidates and I think we are going to do...

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