We are the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show Tribbles: those aficionados and enthusiasts of Hugh’s show. At 3 PM PT, Monday-Friday, folks from all over the US tune in via radio or stream online to hear Hugh navigate the oft-times murky waters of politics, law, literature, business, faith, and sometimes (gasp) sports. Ask any listener of the show and they will attest the show’s quality. Hugh’s fine producer, Duane Patterson, enhances the show and the Hugh-Duane repartee is fun and at times hilarious.

Hugh is, bar none, the best interviewer there is. The best. Ask the book publicists and they’ll affirm: Hugh’s interviews are top-shelf and cause movement in sales. Other than Mark Levin, Hugh is a rare commodity as a lawyer and Con-Law prof; thus he grasps and grapples with the big, Constitutional issues such that the show, while entertaining, is also extremely instructional.

Hugh graciously spars with those on the left and informs the listeners in sound, substantiated argument that can actually open minds to the common sense of a thoughtful, Conservative worldview.

Oh sure we’re biased…but have a listen and I double-dog dare you to disagree!  And if you’re really smart, you’ll be eager to call yourself a tribble!