Mitt Romney released his 2011 tax returns this week.

I have never been more excided.

I can count about 2,768 more things out there more interesting than his tax return. But people are interested in it, so let it be news.

I had a conversation with someone the other day via the comment section on FaceBook. A mutual friend posted a new meme about Romney’s 47% speech/gaffe/who/cares. The picture was one of Romney (at his most unflattering) and it stated: “Complains about the 47% not paying income taxes. Makes $20 million a year and doesn’t pay income taxes.”

Hilarious, I know. Once you have stopped laughing, please continue reading.

He (the person I had the conversation with) said that it was Romney’s duty to contribute to the betterment of society. By “contribute” he meant paying more in taxes than us (the non-millionaires). And by “betterment of society” he meant trusting the government to make it better.

I don’t care about the politics behind this issue. But the bull crap has to stop.

What I consider the most dishonest and pathetic thing about the average person’s complaint about Romney’s income is this: if they were the ones making $20 million a year, they would not be so discontent.

It’s that simple, people. If you were the ones making that money, you would be fat and happy, shrugging nonchalantly at the topic of Romney’s income level.

Oh, and Mr. Facebookguy- does giving $4,020,772.00 to charity count as contributing to the betterment of society? That’s 30% of his income, if you want to write it down.

Stop complaining about Romney’s income. It just makes you look like pathetic, jealous, whiney children.

Please stop throwing rocks in a glass house.