By Carl Catlin


One of the great lessons my dad taught me came from a short passage in the Book of James. “Let your ‘yes’ be yes, and your ‘no’ be no.” Though I am always conscious of this admonition, I have fallen short on many occasions. Thank-you to any who read this for forgiving me and giving me another chance to honor my word.

But this isn’t just a Christian thing; it’s a man thing. Men are supposed to honor their word. I’m not trying to be sexist, just speaking to men and about men. I’ve had the same business partner for 37 years-when he says something, I can take it to the bank. That shouldn’t be a rare occurrence in the life of an American. But it is.

It especially shouldn’t be a rare character trait of the highest ranking elected official in our country…..but it is.
Our President has told more whoppers to us than the average contestant on Big Brother. Remember the national debt he was going to cut in half? Its $16 trillion now. Remember the $785 billion stimulus that would keep unemployment well under 8%? With not a new Golden Gate Bridge or Hoover Dam to cut a ribbon on, the money was borrowed, wasted and added to the debt for our grandchildren.How about the promise of Green Energy? I truly hope no one I know has stock in Solyndra….or for that matter GM. How did the bond holders of GM make out? Hope your retirement fund didn’t have any of those bonds.

For brevity’s sake, and speaking of GM, is it possible that the tag line of the Obama campaign,”Osama is dead but GM is alive” has anything to do with inciting our loving friends in the Middle East? And when should we who are Obama’s stash expect repayment from GM?

The President said recently that his biggest disappointment in the first term was not getting immigration reform done. He had 2 years of majorities in the House and the Senate. What stopped him? He also said that his highest priority is to ensure the safety of our Embassies and their staffs. How did that work out in Libya? Or Egypt?

This President is an abject failure-in every setting and on every issue. I know that some who read this will vote for him. Feelings and single issues trump the destruction of the lives of your friends and neighbors, and I’m sure it feels good to pat yourself on the back and think how compassionate you are. But those feelings have never created a job, truly educated a child, or stopped a terrorist.

If there is any intellectual honesty in the reader of this humble post, I encourage you to think, not feel as we approach this election.