Recently, MSNBC interviewed a college Republican who was offended by their comment on Young Republicans in the United States. The student was asked why he thought there were more Young Democrats than young Republicans. A recent poll showed that about half of graduating seniors consider themselves Republican. By the end of college, 65 percent consider themselves Democrat. The Liberal media comes across as if there are no Young Republicans in the United States, although many of high school seniors and college freshman support the Republican agenda.

By the time the majority of students graduate from college, they are so indoctrinated by the Liberal professors that they consider themselves Democrats. I believe this is caused because many of the Liberal views would be ideal in a “utopia.” An educated person knows that a “utopia” is not possible. People realize that we go through problems in life, but we overcome them, figure out a solution, and then we move on with our lives.

Many of these Liberal views appeal to college students. Liberal and Socialist professors teach students about these issues and make it seem like a “utopia” is possible. These professors do teach the students, and may be great people, but they don’t inform on both sides of the political spectrum. The undecided students are the ones affected most in college because all they hear is one side. What I am trying to get at here is that we, the students, have a choice and a chance to learn, get informed and inform others. I believe that if the majority of students were told about the Republican platform before or during college, the youth vote would be totally different and it would be much easier to get a Republican into office.

Democrats are very organized at getting young Democrats to recruit other young Democrats to volunteer. Frankly, the Democrats are extremely smart with campaigns. They know how to attack us to make us look foolish, and most of the time we don’t even respond. We, the Young Republicans, need to educate other youth and get more young people involved and volunteering. If we do not succeed at this, Socialists like Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi will get elected and we will not have a chance to have a better future.

As I always say, “anyone can make a difference, but a young person can make a bigger difference.” We as students usually have more time after school or on weekends to get out the vote. The youth vote is killing the Republican candidates in America. You can never be too young to get involved. I got involved when I was 10 and immediately started making a difference.

Start a Young Republicans club in your area, get other young people involved, get your family involved, and most of all volunteer. This election is the most important election we will probably ever see in our lifetime. If YOU make a difference in the next three months, we WILL win in November.